FCC Amateur Radio Examination in Taipei 2008
(Supported by ARRL/VEC Tokyo VE Team)

The first FCC Amateur Radio Examination in Taiwan was held in Taipei, on June 28, 2008. It's my honor that I was able to join the examination as a Voluteer Examiner.
In addition, it was my first trip to Taiwan. I enjoyed seeing sight, talking with people in Taipei, and eating delicious Taiwnese foods. Everything was so nice that I liked this country.
Furter more, thanks to Hashino-san and other CTARL officers, I was able to operate amateur radio in Taipei, with the callsign BW2/JH0MRP. It was really exciting experience.

VEs' meeting at the reception site during exam (1/3) during exam (2/3)
during exam (3/3) paper work VEs from JA with BV staffs

After the exam, we, both BV and JA staffs, had a dinner party, which helped us to make a strong friendship between two groups.

Next day, I went to BV0J's shack with some of other VEs, and I operated as BW2/JH0MRP.
BW2/JH0MRP BW2/JL1XMN BW2/JF1TEU with Wang-san, BV2QB
The document of permissin to operate amateur radio in Taiwan. QSL card

Scenery in Taipei
In the town, I saw flood of motercycles, especially in the evening.

Delicious Taiwanese foods
Taiwanese beer Xiao long bao Jiao zi Taiwanese barbecue

Acknowledgment : Some photos in this page are provided by JF1TEU, JD1BKQ, and JR1CBC.

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