Trip to Taipei, Sep. 11-15, 2009
(BW2/JH0MRP on the air again)

Sep. 11, 2009
I arrived in Taipei in the evening. Then I explored the night city of Taipei, with my friends. We bought 'shui jiao' (boiled chinese-style dumpling) and some other local foods at a booth in downtown Taipei. Those foods were very nice.
You can enjoy delicious Taiwanese/Chinese foods at such booths with reasonable price.

Sep. 12, 2009
In the morning, I went to Ximen Ding, which is calld Harajuku (a Japanese town, famous among young people) in Taipei. However, most of shops were not opend yet. It was too early to visit...
In the afternoon, thanks to Hoshino-san (BW2/JP1RIW), I had a chance to operate at BV0J's shack.
Condition was terribly bad. I expected opening on 6m which is my favorite band, but it was not happened. I was able to make only 23 QSOs on 20m and 23 QSO on 17m. (44 JAs, 1 DU and 1 BV.)
But I enjoyed operation vaey much. Here are my license ( page1, 2 ) and QSL.

Sep. 13, 2009
The 2nd FCC Amateur Radio Examination in Taipei was held on Sep. 13, 2009, with the support of ARRL/VEC Tokyo VE Team. This was the primary purpose of my trip to Taipei, to serve as a Volunteer Examiner on the exam.
13, out of 18, obtaind their new (or upgrade) tickets to the U.S. amateur radio, including 4 passed the Amateur Extra class. We can expect that Taiwanese themselves will hold FCC amateur radio examination in the near future.

In the evening, CTARL officials invited us to a dinner party. We enjoyed both delicious Chinese cuisine and talking with freiends in Taiwan.

You can also see other photos at the CTARL site.

Sep. 14, 2009
I visited National Palace Museum, which I could not visit last year. The museum contains huge number of art and artifacts of Chinese art. Even though I stayed there almost all day, I could not see every area of the museum. There are too many treasures to see in a day.
But, I was able to get a glimpse of the Chinese excellent ancient civilization and art of technology, during the short stay at the museum.

Sep. 15, 2009
I flew back to Tokyo. This was my 2nd visit to Taipei. I enjoyed the trip very much, however, it was too short to appreciate the whole attraction of this marvelous city.
I want to visit Taipei again, if possible. Maybe, next year???

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