Trip to Taipei, Sep. 10-13, 2010
(BW2/JH0MRP on the air again)

Friday, Sep. 10, 2010
On a clear sky day, I flew from Narita to Taipei. It was the beginning of my 3rd trip to Taiwan. For 12 months, how I had longed to visit Formosa again.
The flight was almost stable, however, as we approached to Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport, the ship shaken a little. It was raining heavily around the airport.
It took about one hour by bus, from the airport to the city of Taipei. In downtown Taipei, the rain had already stopped.
After checking in the hotel I stayed during the trip, I went to a Taiwanese restaurant with my friends, where we enjoyed Taiwanese beer and delicious Taiwanese foods, such as "Xiao long bao". Those were really nice.
On my way back to the hotel, I saw the performance of "jing ju" (classical Chinese opera) on a street. I was lucky, because my friend in Taipei said that it's rare to see such a performance in the town.

Saturday, Sep. 11, 2010
In the morning, I had a chance to operate amateur radio at BV0J's shack, using my own temporarily permitted callsign, BW2/JH0MRP.
I made 35 QSOs (not so many... ) on 15m and 20m band, and those QSOs were mostly with JAs. The condition of ionosphere was so so, however, I enjoyed operation very much. (You can see my QSL card here.)
After enjoying amateur radio, I visited Longshan Temple and walked around there. Even though it was raining, I saw many people visited the temple, and prayed sincerely. I enjoyed the feeling of good old Taiwanese culture around the temple.
In the evening, I got together with my friends, and we had dinner at a seafood restaurant.
After the dinner, we moved to "Ham Radio Bar", owned by Hoshino-san (BW2/JP1RIW aka BW0IR). The bar located at the center of downtown Taipei, and was easy to access. In the bar, there were many QSLs, books on amateur radio and transceivers, as if it was a ham's shack. We, amateur radio operators, easily felt at home there at Ham Radio Bar. Of course, we enjoyed talking ,and drinking Taiwanese whisky, too.

Sunday, Sep. 12, 2010
The sky had cleard up. It was beautiful morning. Before the main event, I walked around the hotel, and enjoyed sightseeing.
The principal purpose of this trip was to attend an FCC amateur radio examination as a volunteer examiner (VE). The examination was special, because it was administrated by Taiwanese VE team for the first time. It's my pleasure that Taiwanese themselves held an examination, and I had been able to help them.
(You can see more phtos here.)
After the session, there was a dinner party at a restaurant near the test site. CTARL officers, examinees and VEs got together, and we had good time with delicious cuisines.

Monday, Sep. 13, 2010
Exciting days had over. I left Taipei in the afternoon. This trip would be the last, for the purpose of helping Taiwanese in obtaining U.S. amateur radio license. However, I'd like to visit Taiwan with another intention, in the near future. So long Formosa.

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